Order Fulfillment Technology and Automation

The challenges of modern order fulfillment have never been greater. Customers are expecting their orders faster and faster with no lapse in accuracy. Employees are working long past traditional retirement age, requiring more and more accommodations. Labor costs and availability make scaling your operation increasingly difficult, and demand is less predictable than ever. Automation and advanced order picking technology are the key to meeting these challenges head on and growing a profitable business. Work with MH Engineered Solutions to bring the latest automation technology to your facility as part of an integrated, scalable system.

How Can We Help?

Let our team help you find what you're looking for.


  • State-of-the-Art Picking

    From voice and light-directed picking systems to goods-to-person systems, we’ll work with you to identify the picking technology that will help you meet your throughput goals.

  • The Latest in Automation

    If your employees are regularly performing work that is repetitive, unsafe, or inefficient, such as palletizing, retrieving goods using ladders, or transporting goods along repetitive routes, we will help you to integrate automation into your warehouse system.

  • Smart Deployment

    A good operation isn’t one with every possible piece of cutting-edge technology; it’s one where technology is deployed effectively where it will make an impact, with the integrity of the system always in mind.