Material Handling Systems Engineering

The best distribution centers integrate manual tasks, mechanized movement, and automation into one integrated system. At MH Engineered Solutions, our most important work happens before we purchase equipment or install new technology. We analyze the flow of materials, people, and information through your facility, dig deeply into your performance metrics, and envision solutions to your current and future problems. With the help of advanced design tools and software, we refine those plans to achieve our goal: a system that improves throughput and allows your team to work smarter. That means a healthy bottom line and all the tools you need to keep growing, year after year. Get in touch with the MH Engineered Solutions team to learn more.

How Can We Help?

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  • System Development

    Working with our network of industry-leading supplier partners, we develop fully customized systems, utilizing conveyor and sortation technology, pick modules, and advanced automation wherever they can optimize your operation.

  • Simulation

    Simulation enables foresight--we can identify and prevent choke points, determine which technology will deliver the best ROI for your operation, and anticipate patterns of growth.

  • Our Guarantee

    Taking a “best of breed” approach, we develop the best solutions for our clients before selecting equipment suppliers, so you can rest assured our equipment recommendations will support a favorable ROI and help you meet your business goals.