"MH Engineered Solutions: A Strategic Growth Partner" by Manufacturing Technology Insights

Re-blog of article with Scott Hennie, MH Engineered Solutions President

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Manufacturers have access to abundant technological choices in today’s competitive market. But do they really need to buy another new widget or shiny piece of equipment to make their systems work better? This is the question running through the minds of team MH Engineered Solutions (MHES). MHES is a client-centric company that remains focused on being a good steward of its clients’ resources while delivering the right solutions for their unique operational challenges. 

Rather than being a mere equipment supplier, Ohio-based MHES takes a consultative approach to understand their clients’ desired business outcomes and helping them solve operating challenges. “In initial discussions, we often discover what clients are trying to accomplish doesn’t align with the product they are planning to buy,” says Scott Hennie, President of MHES. The MHES team listens to clients’ unique needs, offering experienced guidance as they propose custom solutions that streamline clients’ operations and enable business growth.

MHES stands rock solid behind clients throughout the procurement lifecycle, from project conception through completion. Before introducing its portfolio of services, MHES evaluates clients’ business metrics, current systems and standard processes to suggest solutions that can give them the ability to grow without expanding their infrastructure. Unlike its competitors, MHES does not prioritize selling. Instead, the firm focuses on guiding clients through the treacherous waters of technology procurement, assisting them in adopting meaningful solutions. 

Being a systems integrator, MHES builds custom solutions aligned to clients’ needs, guiding them with years of expertise and strong supplier partners. “We work with the best manufacturers in the industry to provide high-quality solutions for our clients,” says Hennie. The firm proposes a list of solutions, with different levels of complexity, varying degrees of investments and delayed or quick ROI that are aligned to the clients’ requirements. After reaching an agreement, the firm starts developing custom solutions with its industry expertise, state-of-the-art technology and modeling tools. MHES specializes in integration, assembling different technologies into a cohesive, effective system. “We work within scope, budgets and timelines to implement the right solutions for our clients’ operations,” says Hennie.

A case in point, a company operating in a rural area was growing quickly and needed more labor to support its operations. However, the client faced challenges in hiring warehouse employees, as the labor market in the area was limited. To help the company support such growth, MHES proposed a phased solution that leveraged autonomous vehicles to transport goods throughout the facility. Additionally, MHES proposed using robotics to palletize, move and prepare product for shipment. The solution allowed the client to accommodate growth without spending costly time and resources looking for new hires in a shallow labor pool.
The spectacular journey MHES has had wouldn’t have been possible without a strong team and company culture. The firm focuses on the well-being of its employees and provides an ideal environment for them to flourish. MHES carefully nurtures its employees to encourage growth and maximized potential, allowing them to be creative, autonomous and learn from their mistakes. 

Additionally, MHES also values its relationship with its supplier partners and always aims to represent them with professionalism and diligence when proposing their products in client consultations. With capable partners, MHES aims to guide clients to invest in the right solutions that align with their company’s values and goals. In doing so, MHES has helped clients automate business processes, reduce labor costs , boost productivity and increase bottom line performance.

MHES strives to improve its capabilities and core competencies to provide the right solutions, while also continuing to stay updated with emerging technologies. “We look forward to supporting our customers’ future automation endeavors with new strategies,” concludes Hennie.